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What Does It Take To Get In Shape?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Everywhere you look these days, getting into good physical shape is something that’s often

portrayed as being pretty easy and/or a quick process... 10 minute abs, 6 weeks transformation programmes, the new ‘insert name’ diet that’s going to guarantee you lose ‘x’ amount of weight in ‘x’ mount of time.

If you’re reading this, ill assume you fall into the category of you’ve ‘tried everything’ and ‘nothing works for you’’. While also knowing you’ve failed to stick to any of the above. Don’t worry though, it's not always your fault.

Getting into good physical shape isn’t always easy. For some people, it can seem pretty

impossible. Which it isn’t... but you need to know the types of things expected of you in order to achieve your goals.

A Change In lifestyle

Going out every week with the guys/girls and eating/drinking what you want?

Are you going to the gym for 3 hours per week but sitting on your arse the rest of the week at a desk in work or on the sofa watching Netflix (with munchies)?

Trying to survive on 4 hours sleep every night?

All this stuff (along with a ton of other stuff) needs to change......

A Change In Nutrition

You ‘eat well’ but cant lose weight?

You only eat ‘800’ or ‘1000’ calories but cant lose weight?

You ate well during the week so you’re entitled to have a weekend binge?

You have no concept of calories or your current intake?

You pay no attention to protein intake?

All this stuff (along with a ton of other stuff) needs to change...


Running yourself into the ground every session?

Training to ‘failure’ all the time?

Thinking you need to do endless bouts of cardio?

HIIT is the only way?

All this stuff (along with a ton of other stuff) needs to change...


This short blog post isn’t going to offer a solution. Perhaps down the line, we will go over each subject listed here in a lot more detail.

What this post is trying to do, is trying to get you to at least entertain the idea of a change in


You’re expectations of what’s required has to change if you are ever going to achieve your goals... it simply has to.

The fitness industry has a lot of poison in it and coaches/trainers are all trying to make a quick buck, promising you amazing results but getting you to do things that in the long term, are completely unsustainable.

So if you are to ever get into shape, you need to expect that a lot of things have to change... and change isn’t always easy. Everything you have done up until this point has got you into the position/shape that you find yourself in now... and if you aren’t happy with that? Then guess what? Things have to change. Expect difficulty, expect some sacrifices and allow for it to take more time than you are perhaps willing to give...

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