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Andy's Journey To Health

Andrew Smellie's journey to health & fitness has been an absolutely remarkable one. As of right now, he has lost 30 + Kilograms in bodyweight and is extremely fit. We have been working together for a little over a year now and watching how he has changed in that time has been an absolutely amazing thing to be a part of. So, I asked him a few questions about his journey in the hope that it could help inspire others.


What Was It Like Growing Up? Were You Into Fitness?

Andy Then & Andy Now

Growing up, like most guys I spent most of my days out on my bike, playing football and playing golf and I would say that I was pretty active growing up. I played football for many years growing up until I was around 14-15 years old and I was too old for the team I was playing with. So instead of finding another football team, I started playing golf for a good few years while still at high school.

Did You Have Weight Issues?

Through childhood and my teenage years, I was always skinny and was active due to being at school and football training. My issues really started with my weight once I finished up high school when I became less active and stopped playing football, so that’s when my weight gain began.

How Did This Affect You?

In the beginning, I didn’t really notice the weight gain if I am being honest. I didn’t think anything of it. I only really started to notice it once I was ordering my PPE for work and every year my waist size and polo shirt size was going up then it started to affect me. I became embarrassed and very self-conscious. I wouldn’t go swimming unless I had a top on. Also, I stopped going swimming in general as well for the same reason.

What Was Your Past Relationship With Food Like?

I had a terrible relationship with food. I have always been a fussy eater and only mostly ate processed foods. A typical day for me would be roll and square sausage for breakfast (with a packet of crisps and a cake), then for lunch would be a McDonald's 20 chicken nuggets, large chips, a large milkshake, then a cookie and dinner would be either a pizza and oven chips or other nights would be a takeaway.

Did You Try To Lose Weight In The Past?

Andy Before He Joined TeamTank

Like most people, I tried to attempt the gym. I used to go with friends and family when they were available. It mostly lasted a week and then I stopped. I think it was mostly down to not having the proper guidance. I would turn up with no workout programme or plan and just work my way around different machines. I also had a Personal Trainer for around a year plus. He was a really, really nice guy but I was not making any progress mostly due to the fact I never changed my eating habits and being told to eat 1600-1700 calories. So, I was always starving and ended up overeating and ending up back at square one… the typical Yo-Yo diets. I didn’t try any diets in particular. I found MyFitnessPal and used that for a few weeks but I was eating back my exercise calories. I was basically self-sabotaging myself by doing my workouts but eating the calories back again. I had zero education. I was making no progress and I gave up.

Why Did You Decide To Ask TeamTank For Help? Why Did You Think It Would Be Different?

Andy's Sister Vicki Was A Massive Influence

The reason I approached TeamTank for help was that I had initially followed the TeamTank Boxing page on Facebook. I had seen a good few videos and posts from the classes and I really wanted to be a part of it as I love boxing. TeamTank had also worked with my sister Vicki and she looked absolutely amazing!! That’s what gave me the final push to approach TeamTank and take my goals more seriously. I had also seen all of the transformations on the TeamTank website and TeamTank came highly recommended through various friends & family. It was a no brainer for me that if I committed to TeamTank, that I would get the results that I was chasing.

What Changed With TeamTank In Terms Of Nutrition, Training, Lifestyle etc?

' I think it really helps you to stick to your goals and adhere to an exercise programme if you’re doing something that you enjoy' - Andy

Mainly, my diet changed. I went from eating rubbish all of the time to eating more nutritious foods. For me, the best thing about it was that I could still fit in a few treats as The Tank always says (and it’s something that I will always remember) Calories Are King. My lifestyle also changed in that I was attending TeamTank Boxing classes on a Sunday morning at the leisure centre for a good few months before I plucked up the courage to attend Wednesday night Boot Camp. Everyone that knows Wednesday night Boot Camp is death by exercise (LOL). All kidding aside though it was brilliant being part of the group. Everyone is always supporting each other to achieve their goals, I had never experienced anything like it.

The information/education you receive from TeamTank is second to none. From exercise to nutrition, to mindset, to goal setting… the support is endless. You are taught what to do, not told what to do. I think that some people have this perception of TeamTank that you have to smash yourself to bits every day. Exercising for hours upon hours or that you have to starve yourself to achieve your goals. I can 100% assure everyone that this is not the case for me. I and many others are proof of that.

The plan involved me incorporating the things that I enjoyed doing. I think it really helps you to stick to your goals and adhere to an exercise programme if you’re doing something that you enjoy. In my case it was boxing. I have loved boxing and the type of old school training if you ask me there is no better way to get in shape.

It was great to have the accountability too. It really makes a huge difference checking in each week and being accountable to the coach. It really helps me stay on track, keep smashing my goals and as the coach says “ticking the boxes”.

And then there’s the TeamTankers. The support from the fellow TeamTankers is amazing. They are like a family to me. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Nothing is ever a problem and I feel like I could talk to the group about anything. To be honest, even if it’s not fitness related, I know that everyone would help me as the group is filled with amazing people and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Even if you are having a day where you cannot be bothered or a day that you need a little motivation to do your workouts, you will 100% find the get-up and go in this group. Again, the support is second to none. It really is a big part of TeamTank and it is continuing to grow every week.

The online coaching is brilliant. I check in every week with my stats, nutrition and then I have a discussion with the coach as to how my week has gone and if there is anything I don’t understand or I am not happy with, it gets sorted straight away. Nothing is ever a problem and the coach is always on hand to give advice. It has really helped me stay on track and helped keep me committed to my weight loss journey.

How Do You Feel Now? Any Future Plans?

I feel 100% more confident now than when I first started. I was always shy never really spoke to anyone in the classes. Now? You can’t get me to shut up. I honestly feel like a different person from then until now and it has been an amazing journey. My fitness has improved leaps and bounds. I went from being out of breath from walking up the stairs to being able to go 15 x 3-minute rounds on the pads. I also have a resting heart rate of 44 beats per minute I feel as fit as a fiddle.

Life has really improved. I have been on this journey while I was down in the dumps about my weight and to be honest, I was depressed. Now, I feel amazing. I am fit, healthy and full of life. Exercise and being a part of TeamTank has got me back to being me again and it feels amazing I can’t explain how good it feels.

It has also inspired me to try to help others. I am currently in the process of becoming a Personal Trainer. I would love nothing more than to be able to help someone achieve their health and fitness goals. I believe that if I can do it, then anyone can do it!

What Advice Would You Give To Some Else Who Is Perhaps In The Position That You Were In?

My advice to someone in the position that I was in would be this. If you have given up or if you are thinking about quitting, then I would tell them that it would be the worst thing that they could do. Yes, it gets hard at times. Yes, you may have to eat fewer takeaways. However, it’s worth it. Don’t keep continuing to try and do things on your own. Especially if you’re having little success. Do not think twice about reaching out and asking for help.

To have success, you have to stick with it and trust me that if you do, you will succeed. There’s no doubt in my mind that you just have to keep telling yourself “I can do this” and stick to your plan of action. Make your goal your priority!

If someone is considering joining TeamTank or unsure about it, I would tell them to do it. It will be the best decision that you would ever make. I have been there. It took me years before I decided to join and god, do I wish I done it sooner. All the doubts I had disappeared after my first consultation with TeamTank. Just do it. Honestly, you will not regret it. You will not find a better coach or a better group of people than The TeamTankers to help you change your life. It has honestly been the best decision I made.

Finally, Anyone That You’d Wish To Thank?

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my family for their support throughout my whole journey and for putting up with my early morning rises to exercise before work.

My fellow TeamTankers. You guys are amazing. You have all helped me in so many ways that I don’t even know where to start. I am glad to be a part of this group. You are all amazing and everyone is smashing it.

I would really like to thank Martin for his support and encouragement. Your advice and education have been second to none. I have not only found a brilliant coach but I have also found an even better friend. Thanks again, mate. I can’t wait to continue with my journey in TeamTank and I am really looking forward to the future.


Thanks, Andy. As your coach I just want to say how unbelievably proud I am of your achievements and I know that your friends and family will be feeling the same way. The journey has been a tough but fun one and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I hope that your story will help inspire others to pursue their own health & fitness goals. - Tank

Andy also runs his own business. Why Not Follow His Page? - CLICK HERE

If anyone is interested in getting coached with TeamTank, then get in touch and we can have a chat by CLICKING HERE


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