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Victoria Ruthven

Hey all, as you know, as part of progress updates, we are expected to write a short piece about our experience, so here is my obligatory post😜. I hope people find this useful and if anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to respond.

Firstly, I want to explain my reasons behind joining TeamTank. I have always struggled with my weight, the only time I remember being completely happy with my weight was when I was swimming competitively. Swimming is my original sport and always will be my my favourite. I am very competitive by nature and highly driven so I trained so intensely that weight was never an issue. However, I got older and trained more casually, entering the world of work and studying took priority and along with this cameunhealthy eating habits and inevitably, weight gain.

I learned to manage my weight through calorie controlled diets and lost a lot of weight independently. I managed to always reach a certain weight, then get stuck there, not making any further progress. For years, I had been attending classes at the leisure centre and although my fitness was relatively good and I did train quite hard, particularly in Bootcamp and Martin’s boxing classes, I was not seeing the results I wanted.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to seek further help. I discussed my previous experience and goals with Martin and officially joined TeamTank in August 2019. The results speak for themselves andit is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Martin gave me a lot of information and reassured me that if I didn’t think it was the right fit, then I was under no obligation. Before even starting though, I had made my decision. I chose Martin because I already went to his classes which I enjoyed, I knew he would be strict and that is what I needed.Lastly, and probably most importantly, I had seen the transformation photos from his current inspirational clients and I wanted to be part of that, if they could do it, then so could I 😎.

The journey
At the start, Martin showed me how to track all my nutritionand it was very easy to understand and work out how to set my meals and fit in snacks to meet my macros. I can honestly say I have found the tracking part to be relatively easy and I have used creative ideas from the TeamTank group to keep meals varied and interesting. I can still eat all the things I enjoy and I have tried lots of new things that make it work for me. I usuallyplan a day ahead and fit in the ‘nice’ snacks andwork my meals around this.

What I have not found so easy, is the socialising aspect. I do enjoy a night out and generally would have had a drink most weekends, even if it was just a glass of wine on a Friday. This needed to change massively in order to meet goals. However, if I have had an occasion, I have let Martin know in advance andhe advises me on how to adjust my macros. It’s all about making it work best for you.

I agreed to a specific training plan which I have stuck to and I really thrive on the training aspect and enjoy seeing the differences in my body composition. I have said to Martin, that I much prefer classes to the gym as it keeps me more motivated but I still have 2 gym days a week along with boxing and bootcamp and I am a lot more confident in going to the gym and training independently. Martin specifies this gym programme for me and I can seek guidance from Martin and the gym staff who are always happy to help.

Further to this, I have had a lot of support from the TeamTank group. Everyone is really nice and welcoming, always ready with suggestions and advice for everyone. We are all working towards our own goals and it is nice to have all that support behind you.

I have had lots of comments and compliments on how different I look which is lovely to hear. I am much more content in my body image and I love shopping for clothes now. I am still working towards goals and I have a lot more confidence in my ability to smash these goals.

Small note
If anyone is thinking of making changes and setting goals, then I would highly recommend TeamTank. I appreciate people might be thinking at the moment, yeah, what is the point if we have all to self isolate? How can I make such changes without the facilities etc?
Martin keeps telling us to control what we can control. For people on a slump at the moment, heed this advice and know that this will not last forever. For people who want to make changes, start making small changes now, do what you can, ask for support if you need it. Like I say, I still have goals and I’m going to do what I can to smash them!

Thank you to Martin, my family and all my fellow Team Tankers for your support, patience and guidance throughout!

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