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Stuart Mcivor

Like so many people over the years I have tried several different diets/training to try and get in shape/ lose a few pounds. All with varying degrees of success. For our last family holiday I was in what I can only describe the shape of my life and had a visible abs for the first time. This was complete and utter luck as i wasn’t measuring/recording or tracking a thing.

In the 3 long long years since that holiday a lot has happened in the world and although i kept fit and active I slipped into a routine of only eating two meals a day and obviously too much in those two meals as I ended up with what can only be described as the ultimate dad bod.

I was determined to get in shape for this family holiday and as I’m getting older have found it harder to see results on my own so I decided to do something about it!

I have known Martin for about 4/5 years now as I started attending his boxing and boot camp classes in my own attempt to get fit for forty. In that time I got to know Martin better and even started some boxing PT’s with him which I loved and was gutted to recently give up. During this time I seen the success Martin had with previous clients and read their stories about how well planned and structured their programme was by Martin. I got to witness this first hand as my wife Leanne successfully completed her own 12 week journey with Martin so when it came to looking into a coach to help me succeed I knew who to go to.

After I reached out to Martin we had a chat about what I wanted to achieve, the time frame for doing so and what my goals were.

I wanted to lose fat and build a bit of muscle to look good on holiday which was in 12 weeks time.

Martin sent me my programme which consisted of 3 detailed weight sessions and 2 boxing classes a week and my daily nutrition.

The first few days I found tough but I love a routine and once I settled into it and found the foods I liked that helped me hit those targets and perfected my meal prep, It made the nutrition side of things so much easier. I never found myself to overly hungry and I was eating 3 proper meals a day and at times felt like I was eating more than I was before I started.

My challenge came from trying to find the time to fit in my steps and workouts along with starting work at 7.30 am, a family life and working away from home at times. I was determined and have always been a bit of an ‘early bird’ and not scared of a bit of work so I made a point of getting up earlier in the morning to get my steps in come rain/hail or shine and fit the workouts in after work before heading home/hotel.

The programme was good and varied and I never found myself bored in the gym.

I found my focus was better as I had an end goal in sight and something to aim for.

Through Martin and the TeamTank support group with his other clients (whom it was great to get to know and see other peoples journeys) I felt supported, was held accountable and had people there to offer advice if I had any questions. The 12 weeks flew in to be honest and in the end I am delighted with the results. I genuinely never thought I would lose as much weight as I did and I am delighted to have those abs back for the second time. 😂

I couldn’t recommend Martin any higher as a coach.

He is always there if you need a chat, is very straight talking and honest with you, takes no bullshit and gets results. ✅

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