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Stephanie Kempsell

My weight has fluctuated a lot throughout my adult life. Ive counted calories on and off for decades with varying degrees of success. ⁣

I could probably accurately tell you the calories in just about any food, but calories was where my knowledge of nutrition ended. ⁣

Then I had two babies in 14 months. ⁣

With no time between pregnancies for my body (or mind) to recover, by the time my second daughter arrived I didn’t even feel like myself. ⁣

Surrounded by loving and supportive people who always told me “be kind to yourself, you look great for having two kids!”, I just plodded along, trying to accept that this new, larger, softer, post baby body was as good as it would get! ⁣

But I didn’t feel good, my confidence was low and I didn’t want to accept that looking good caveated by ‘for someone who has been put through the wringer’ was a compliment I would receive forever more! ⁣

I reached out to Martin to go All In for 12 weeks after seeing on Instagram that he was taking on new clients. ⁣

After our initial chat I was delighted when he said that he would work with me and that’s where the hard work began. ⁣

The whole journey has been a lifestyle overhaul. I expected to be starving myself, as that’s all I’d ever known when trying to lose weight but this was different. I was eating, and I was satisfied…It was a revelation for me! ⁣

I followed my programme meticulously and consulted with Martin over how to maintain my progress whilst on my holiday to France or on the odd special outing with my friends. ⁣

I found that Martins approach delivered on results and flexibility. What’s more, Martin focuses a lot on education and so I definitely feel assured that after my TeamTank journey ends, I will be fully equipped with the knowledge and resources I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. ⁣

Yes, I’m still a busy mum, but now I prioritise some time for my own health & wellbeing and many of the changes I’ve made include benefits for my children too - getting outdoors and being more active together, eating more nutritious food and the biggest improvement - having a happier mum!⁣

I’ve loved being part of the TeamTank group which is an entire support network of likeminded people who have helped and encouraged me along the way. ⁣

Thank you TeamTankers! I’m excited to be continuing my TeamTank journey for another 12 weeks and seeing what sort of shape I can be in for my birthday which conveniently falls at the end of this block!”⁣

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