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Steph Cairney

Having been a gym goer and trained for several years prior to meeting Martin, I had come to accept that I was just ‘one of those people’ who couldn’t achieve ‘that’ type of body. I ate healthy, trained hard - just couldn’t achieve the shape or definition I wanted-and thought I deserved for my efforts!  I had dealings with another PT, who suggested I cut out certain food groups-unsustainable, that’s what that was. I was due to get married in March 2017, and I wanted to be in the best shape of my life.  I had seen numerous people at the gym, changing every week and progressing-why can they and why can’t I?  I realised they all had one thing in common, MARTIN. I spoke with Martin, asked for help. Made a commitment to the process and decided to put my all in to it. In the start I was doubtful, surely I can’t eat that and be expected to lose weight, build muscle!?  Well the results spoke for themselves. My wedding day came 16 weeks later and I have never felt better about my body. I would never had been able to achieve my goal without Martin.  I had days off in between, Christmas and new year etc. Worked towards goals.  Martin was and is a constant support. He is a fountain of knowledge who continues to research for his own personal development and benefit of his clients. Progress and development coupled with helping others is a clear passion of Martin’s. Do not expect to work with someone who will allow you to make excuse after excuse that wastes your own efforts. Do expect continued support, input, information and the ability to change your lifestyle for the better. You will leave Martin in possession of the skills to keep moving forward on your own.   The Teamtank community is a huge support, a family that helps each other. I cannot recommend or speak highly enough of Martin. You won’t look back.

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