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Stacey Jacobs

Before TeamTank I honestly didn’t realise how important putting myself 1st at times was, it really is essential.

Being a mum of 2 boys, one of which has severe autism and complex learning difficulties, I’d learned to always put myself to the bottom of the list, not quite understanding that this was not a good idea.

After giving up my job as a barber to put my youngest sons care needs 1st I threw myself into learning everything I could about his disability and becoming his full time carer while also trying to juggle the rest of my family and life, this was proving hugely difficult and draining.

Easy meals became a thing, little exercise and minimal sleep was a recipe for disaster…. I began to put on weight and slowly began to really hate the reflection I seen in the mirror, I had become this “skinny fat” version of myself I didn’t quite know how to fix and it was only getting worse, anxiety, depression and hating myself soon set in and took over my life, the simple things like visiting family and friends or even a simple trip to the local shops became a huge problem, over thinking how I hated squeezing into my clothes, living life hiding under leggings and a long top always trying to hide the bits I hated under baggier clothing, some days were so overwhelming I just wouldn’t even go out….

I felt I’d tried everything to lose the weight and gain the body I’d always wanted, I tried all sorts of diets, random workouts on YouTube that promised results, bootcamp style workouts, different personal trainers from smaller quieter gyms or groups sessions in a private gym all due to suffocating in anxiety of the hole gym experience.

I had some gym trainers suggest taking all sorts of pointless and expensive supplements and never knowing if I was doing the right thing or even why they were good for me.

I would maybe lose a few lb here and there but with no knowledge behind what I was doing or any proper nutrition information to go along with it all the weight soon returned, the diets wouldn’t last as they didn’t make any sense and my skinny fat body remained exactly the same.

Getting further and further depressed with it all, I remember thinking there must be some sort of secret someone isn’t telling me there has to be!!

I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer it was time to finally reach out to Martin from TeamTank… deep down I knew Martin was the one who was going to be able to help me with this journey, I’d known Martin from years before as a client in the barber shop where I worked, I could see all the success stories on his health and fitness page but I also knew that If I contact TeamTank I better be ready to take things serious.

No more games I need to put my full honest trust into this process, so I decided to reach out.

We had our 1st new client call and I promised myself from day one I was going to listen, learn and believe in the process.

I’m so glad I made that call to reach out and committed to going all in, it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself, I walked into a new gym, with a clear plan written for me for my goals which helped with the anxiety of looking like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

I trusted the process, I put in the work and eventually I started to see the changes that I had wanted for years.

With the guidance and support every step of the way from Martin and from the rest of the team at TeamTank, I finally got the results I had always wanted.

It wasn’t easy! I had to work hard!

But as the physical changes began to happen my confidence started to grow and my anxiety has truly gotten easier.

These days, I hold my head up high.

I’ve learned a lot about myself during this journey and I’m truly proud of how far I’ve come.

I’ve grown in more ways than I can even describe, I no longer feel the need to hide myself away or worry about what I wear.

I’m mentally and physically stronger to deal with raising my youngest son, and I can honestly say I’m happier within myself more than I have ever been in my life.

I’m the best version of me now, for me and for my family.

I had the best team mates at TeamTank and I thank them all for their support along the way with my journey.

I have truly made some friends for life.

I also a huge thank you to Dawn Martin photography, another TeamTanker for her amazing photography skills…. capturing my transformation photos. They turned out amazing, you made me feel so at ease through the full process ♥️

And finally the biggest thank you to Martin.

For always pushing me to do my best and helping me achieve my goals, I’m forever grateful 🫶🏼

Now I’ve successfully changed my body composition i would like to continue to build on that and see a lot more muscle going on in the future, this is just the beginning for me! There’s plenty more still to learn and more goals to smash!“

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