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Sophie White

2020 what a year, none of us knew what would lie ahead at the turn of this year. I had bought myself a calendar full of motivational quotes to keep me inspired to carry on in my fitness journey which more or less started around the start of 2019…then the world changed! We were thrust into the unknown with restrictions put on everything we did including exercise, being allowed out only once a day! The Team Tank challenges during lockdown provided a much needed focus and inspired so many to keep going and stay active. Mid year everything seemed like it was looking up, the challenges ended in preparation for the gyms potential re-opening but this didn’t happen as quick as many of us would have liked. I, in my mind, had committed to keeping up the challenges, I’d go back a repeat them until classes returned. I done a couple but my commitment faltered.
I had approached Martin on a couple of occasions in 2019 to understand more about PT and coaching, those times for whatever reason just weren’t right. Towards the end of August I seen a post saying he was taking on some new clients. I was feeling deflated, I was loosing my mojo and starting to notice my efforts from the lockdown challenges deplete. I contacted Martin and my online coaching began. There were no events to consider, no nights out or real reasons I couldn’t give this my all, this time was perfect for me. Martins client analysis is very thorough, he takes so much information from you and prior to becoming a client he chats with you to understand exactly what you looking to achieve. This was challenging for me, I didn’t have a specific date or event I wanted to achieve results for, I didn’t have a weight or size I was striving for to or even a specific fitness goal. I explained I want to see what me and my body can achieve. I don’t think this is the most common approach as most people would be far clearer in what they want but Martin got it and we started.
At the first check in after 4 weeks I was completely astounded, the differences in my body, specifically my midsection were (for me) insane, this was all the motivation I needed to keep at it. Within about 10 weeks I was super happy and told Martin If there was nothing more I could do and looked like this the rest of my life I’d be delighted BUT I think I can do more. I wanted to really push myself and my body just to see what could be done. We agreed that I was feeling good and for a short time could push harder and we did! That was 5 weeks ago and here I am now delighted with my results, incredibly proud of what I’ve done and feeling better than I’ve ever felt.
I’ve really enjoyed this process, but I can’t lie it has been very hard at times. Some days I didn’t want to run or do my planned workout. Some days I wanted eat all the Halloween sweets other I just wanted to eat everything in sight. I feel lucky that I for the most part love training, it would have been so much harder if I hadn’t but some days I just hit a brick wall and it was those days I really had to dig deep and think about how I’d feel once it was done…it’s true what they say! The only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do!
I’ve done the work but I can’t explain how much of what I have achieved has come from the support and help of others. This commitment to me has taken time. Time that has to be found, has to be made. The understanding of my other half has been huge, doing bed-time with our 5 year old more often than usual because I had to train, dealing with my alarm at 5.30 in the morning because I’m heading out for a run. Poor guy has also had to deal with the ‘Hargry Sophie’ who at times has been a nightmare, but his support has never diminished. Then there are the grandpartents again who have often stepped in and
helped me out when a training had to be done. Feel so thankful that my amazing friends have been so interested in what I’m doing offering encouragement, asking questions, showing a genuine interest, I can’t explain how much this has kept me going. Then there’s the Team Tank family, the most amazing group of people, the type of people you want in your corner, the ones who always have something kind and inspiring to say. And of course, the creator of Team Tank himself, Martin. There aren’t enough explanatives to describe how good this man is at what he does. He’s generous with his knowledge on fitness and nutrition, no question is ever deemed irrelevant or stupid and he’s always available to listen, help and support. If things need changed up he’ll change things up, this man makes it his mission to allow you to achieve your goals. Martin’s approach as mentioned earlier is very detailed, he takes so much information and uses it in ways that work for you, he does everything he can to understand the people he works with, what they like, what they don’t like, what make them tick, what throws them off. My advice to anyone considering coaching with Martin would be this, you will not regret it! Make sure the time is right for you, you want to give it your best crack! And be really open, really honest, the more information Martin has the better he becomes at helping you get what you want.

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