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Shireen Alexander

Like a lot of people I had gained several unwanted lbs over the winter lockdown. I would normally have a blowout over Christmas and New Year and reign myself back in but I just kept thinking I will eat better next week. There was always another Monday and this went on for weeks as furlough continued.

I have always been a relatively fit person and enjoy working out and keeping in shape. During my adult years my weight has gone up and down. Probably not as noticeable to other people but I know when I’m going down the wrong path and want to do something about it. I have tried all different weight loss tools from shakes, fasting and Weight Watchers. They have always only worked in the short term and were a quick fix.

What was different this time…… I didn’t really have the knowledge and understanding on how to incorporate a healthy diet all of the time without the need for all this back and forth. I wanted to educate myself and implement something where I wouldn’t always need that emergency fix.

I would always see Martins posts and think ‘wow‘, they look amazing but that looks as if it would be really hard work and I just don’t have that kind of motivation or time. Then I seen his post looking to take on some new clients and I said to myself if I don’t do this now I never will. I have always toiled with the idea, what would it take to be the best version of myself if I really tried and put the effort in.

Got in touch with Martin in March and I’ve never looked back since. I am so proud of myself and the journey this has took me on. I look at food completely differently and eat a nutrition packed diet that doesn’t leave me starving at the end of each day. I have enjoyed a sweet treat everyday with my coffee or as a snack. I fit my workouts in around my schedule and what works best for me. My new knowledge and understanding of what my body actually needs is the best education I have given myself going forward.

I am a wife, mother of 2 young kids and work, so don’t let a busy life stop your motivation of being your best. If you’re on the fence with this, jump off and join in!! Couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and guidance from Martin and support from all my fellow TeamTankers ❤️.

It’s already spurred on my husband, family & friends when they see how energetic and happy I have become.

Life Changing 💪🏻

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