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Sharon King

I became a member of Carluke Leisure Centre in 2010, months after i i had my 4th child.  After 2 years of fitness classes & finding that the impact of the classes were actually aggravating past injuries (fractured back & knee pain), i decided to venture into the gym after having a taste for weight training in Martin’s Boot Camp Class, which I absolutely loved!!   Martin wrote me a few programmes over the course of the months as well as teaching me the correct technique.  My confidence in the gym bloomed and I developed a real interest in Bodybuilding after seeing how weight training can change/carve the shape of the body.  Martin taught me how to use this to my advantage and alongside a tailored weight training programme & macro numbers, we started to plan for the future which would involve a ‘bulking phase & cutting phase’. Martin was there throughout the whole process as a friend, trainer, posing coach, mentor 7 training partner, with constant reassurance, guidance & a critical eye.  He researched everything bodybuilding related to insure he was giving the best service he could.  Through the highs & lows, we both worked together giving full commitment to my chosen goal from beginning to end...  the results were results i didn’t think possible!! Martin gave me the tools to continue on my journey of bodybuilding in the future.  I know i could always ask him anything about anything and he’d be there.  I can’t recommend Martin as a trainer/coach enough.  He continues to expand his knowledge on all things fitness related, he is extremely supportive of any goal, if you are willing to put 100% in, he’ll give you 200% back. His knowledge & experience is invaluable & he is a credit to the industry.

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