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Roisin Meehan

For years I have dipped in and out of training, lifting weights and did a short stint of competitive powerlifting. Whilst I knew how to train hard (a theme that’s never changed), has been my lack of understanding around nutrition and ultimately how to get in shape.

I’ve gone through phases of ‘healthy eating’, spells of following the Keto diet and cutting out foods that I loved in the quest to be happy in my own skin. I was never going to sustain any of these approaches and get the results I wanted.

At the start of the year, with bridesmaid duties and my own wedding on the horizon I knew I had to commit to making some positive changes. Sooo much has changed since I started online coaching with Martin, it genuinely has been an entire lifestyle overhaul. I now look forward to training again, am on top of my nutrition and sleep. Getting 6am steps done is now a daily ritual with my bestie and fellow TeamTanker, Amy. Sharing this journey with Amy in the run up to her wedding has really been amazing and has helped us both keep on track with our goals

I’m sooo lucky to have had such great support around me, between my fiancé, Martin and the full TeamTank family the tough days have been manageable! I’m so excited to be approaching so many exciting life events feeling confident in myself.

I have no regrets and am sooo happy to be living a healthier lifestyle. I can’t thank Martin and TeamTank Health & Fitness enough!

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