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Richie Cornett

Stuck in a rut and doing that gym thing with zero results, yip that was me.  Weight never changing, shape never different, well it must be the equipment or something. Or maybe I should go to a gym with flashy lights and buy some of them slim and get fit magic beans you hear about.  The other option would be to ask for help from someone who knows what he’s talking about, like the Ronseal advert, ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ kinda guy. I hooked up with Martin early 2018 and boy did my eyes get opened, all in a positive way i must say.  Having had previous injuries and always conscious and cautious of it, Martin designed me a programme.   Working the muscle is one thing but working the mind is quite another.  Martin gave me the belief and guidance to achieve something i thought was pretty near impossible. The main regrets i have is not doing this way sooner (you plonker). I must add, Martin is all about teamwork, team spirit and so on.  This meant all the way through my programme, i hooked up with some fantastic people who shared similar goals. I would 100% recommend Martin to anyone, size, age or fitness level.  He’ll create a programme that suits you.

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