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Paula Muir

So I have to say joining TeamTank has been the best decision I have ever made.

My relationship with food was terrible, so terrible. In my job career we see eating is cheating! I would barely eat anything and be so dehydrated all the time. Every molecule that passed my mouth counted towards the number on the scales. I had a poor understanding of food/dieting.


Since joining TeamTank now, I have a much better understanding of nutrition and food my relationship with food is unreal now. I am eating 3 meals and snacks and hydrated now, eating more than I ever have done in years.

I am the lightest I’ve ever been on the scales and maintaining that weight now while being FULL(full of food and water). I’ve lost cms of body fat in the process which is just unbelievable when I am eating so much.

Martin & TeamTank has given me a new lease of life with my relationship and knowledge of food as well as my mindset it is in such a positive way.

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