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Mrs Tank


Our long-awaited wedding IS happening tomorrow. Ahead of our special day we wanted to share Mrs Tanks journey. Our hope is this to inspire particularly new mums - the most awesome of people! ⁣

Mrs Tank is approaching 6 months of being a mum but was determined to do her best to fit into her original wedding dress⁣

Tomorrow is third time lucky for our wedding which was cancelled twice in recent years due to Covid ⁣

Mrs Tank chose her dress a few years ago, but has since had our handsome son 💙 she found herself close to being married with a body that was radically different ⁣

6 and a half months out from the wedding we had a conversation - here's how it went:⁣

Me - “I don’t care what you look like, I’m marrying you for you... if we need to buy a new dress, we will…. It’s up to you”⁣

Mrs Tank - “No it’s ok, I’ll get into the dress I have”⁣

Me - “ok, then 👍🏻“⁣

Now, some people will be thinking, “yeah, but it’s ok for her… She has you to help her”⁣

But let's remember, I can’t do the work for Mrs Tank (or anyone else). She had to action the plan, just like every other client I've ever had. She had to stick to her nutrition… At any point in time, she could have taken the “easier” route and stopped. I would have supported that decision 100%⁣

But she didn’t and saw it through to the end⁣

So, what did she do? ⁣

The answer really is… whatever she could⁣

All new mums will know, having a baby, especially a new-born is exhausting work. Fitting anything in that isn't baby related takes dedication and even then, that little person is constantly in your thoughts! ⁣

Training consisted of gym sessions when she could fit them in, being active prioritising steps and spin classes once or twice a week. None of this was truly consistent due to baby duties⁣

However, Mrs Tank was awesome at controlling her nutrition. She stuck to the plan as best she could (still enjoying her hen nights and all the other things you crazy women do in the lead up to a wedding )⁣

The difference between these photos is 21 weeks⁣

We wanted to share this wee journey in the hope of inspiring at least one person⁣

Having a baby is tough in soooo many ways. It's physically and mentally demanding, you're constantly switched on, and you have a little person who relies on you 100%... Life has changed in the literal blink of an eye... ⁣

It takes commitment and flexibility... Babies are anything but predictable BUT Mrs Tank has proved it is possible to work on yourself and make awesome progress even when your diet and lifestyle can't be your ultimate priority⁣

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