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Megan Lawrie

Martin is a fantastic coach/PT and helped me lose nearly 7 stone in weight.  I’ve struggled all my life with my diet and have been severely overweight for as long as i can remember. Martin supported me through the entire process and was contactable 24/7 for any queries i had or even if it was just to vent. The training plans were varied and strength improved, in regards to the diet;  it’s the only diet that’s worked for me and helped me gain back a healthy relationship with food.  If it wasn’t for Martin, I wouldn’t be where i am today as not only did he help me achieve one of the biggest goals, he helped me grow as a person and believe in myself.   My confidence has completely changed as well as my outlook on life and it’s all down to Martin.   If you’re willing to put in the work to put in the work (because he’s amazing but unfortunately can’t do it for you) then i’d highly recommend Martin.

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