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Lucia Noble

Late last year I decided to join TeamTank as I had a mission to be “FIT FOR 30”⁣

After a busy year of work, travel and other events I’d got into a bit of a rut with my exercise i.e., non existent and I was massively over indulging and overall feeling a bit low about my body⁣

When I joined TT my goal was clear but I actually went on to achieve other goals and benefits that I didn’t even consider like confidence, increased knowledge in nutrition, life balance and a new found love for the gym and boxing! ⁣

It’s great to be part of a group that are all gunning for you to succeed and are so supportive of your goal⁣

From my dancing days and generally being a competitive person who likes being part of a team, I really missed this aspect and wanted to find something that I really felt part of and that motivated me⁣

I definitely found that in TT and it was probably something I was missing from my dancing days more than I realised⁣

Today I am the same weight as I was on my wedding day, yet I feel a lot different in so many ways⁣

After my wedding day I basically didn’t stop eating 😅 because I probably deprived myself of a lot⁣

Now I feel I have more to give and I’m looking forward to making exercise and healthy choices part of my day to day⁣

A massive thank you goes to Martin for his knowledge and support over these last 5 months, it has been invaluable! ⁣

Here’s to Club 30!!

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