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Linda Allan

Why did I sign up to TeamTank?

This is a big question and Martin makes it clear when signing up your Why needs to be strong enough to help you see it through. I was inspired by some before and after pictures of people I knew who were fit already but now looked AMAZING! 🤩

I had been trying to get a desire to exercise back for a long time, after having kids I have continued to have bouts of a good exercise routine but it would always feel like something I should do rather than something I wanted to do and it was never top priority so would always fall out of habit.

After lockdown 2021 I just started to feel bleughhh all the time.

I was worried my WHY maybe wasn't strong enough in terms of desire to suddenly be totally ripped or skinny but my WHY was much more about just wanting to WANT to exercise again. I needed a purpose and have a goal that I would see real change in how I felt physically, I also wanted to try new things to find something I would enjoy.

TeamTank has been soooo much more than I expected and I cant begin to give enough praise to the team built up by Martin and the support from him and everyone in it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the chats, Iv never been on a "diet" where we discuss food so much pizza, party rings😆 and jam donuts🤤 with a sweet tooth its a good feeling to enjoy treats now with no thought of "oh I shouldn't" my diet hasn't been totally changed or missing food groups, just adjusted to a better balance.

When I signed up I had the fear I'd just committed to some sort of brutal military regime. Reality is it couldn't be further from that. No diet plan, do the exercise you want to do and commit to it. Its the accountability that makes the difference! And being motivated by all the team. 12 weeks sounded like it would be so long and that I would need to sacrifice any social events, also not true as im now able to make better choices and work around 'occassions'.

The 12 weeks flew by, just focusing on each day and ticking the boxes off day by day.

I'm feeling so good with my results and proud of myself for going all in over the 12 weeks but what I'm most excited about now is the new goals iv set myself with sport. I definitely have realised making time to do something for me is a priority even with busy family life. Reality is I now have more energy, I'm fitter, faster and stronger. All of the positive changes have rubbed off on the whole family. Its a commitment but one Iv really enjoyed.

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