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Lauren Clark

I’ve always been an actie girl, loved getting stronger, getting fitter.  I first met Martin when i was roughly 17/18, just going about the gym with some programme someone made me, not knowing why or really what i was doing.  He started giving me pointers, still on the same basic programme i was doing, little tips on my form or why I should do this or what it would do for me.  I had always been keen on working towards something, getting stronger and looking better. So working together for a year, learning what my body, muscles and mind can do before actually setting a goal...  a big goal. I got second place in my first ever bodybuilding competition.  A goal I had always wanted to achieve.  It wasn’t that Martin just wrote me a programme and gave me macros and i looked lean af...  I also understood how and why and that’s what i love about Tank, he tells you, makes sure sure you understand why you squat, eat the foods etc. Anyone could be a PT but it takes someone with knowledge, empathy, a true caring and understanding mindset, not just for the job, but for you...  takes all that to be a coach. Thank you, Martin.  For all that you’ve taught me, stuck by me and made me believe that i could achieve anything i worked for.

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