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Laura Kennedy

WOW. I am immensely proud of myself and my journey so far...

To say I was very reluctant to start my journey is an understatement. Before I became a mummy to my beautiful boy Bobby, I was a gym goer and loved exercise but with everything that went on last year with the pandemic I never got that love back and I had been trying to do bits in the house but getting nowhere. I had messaged Martin a good few times asking questions and commenting on how incredible the transformations were that he'd been posting and I mean, I had been thinking about doing this for a very long time and one day I just knew I was ready to go all in as I was so fed up with how I felt.. So a massive thanks to Martin for being so patient, understanding and for all his help and support. I have never looked back and my biggest and only regret is that I never done it sooner. The last 13 weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions but I have got that love back for exercising and even going out running which I said to Martin; "there is no way I can run!!" This has also been a massive learning curve for me and it has made me appreciate the food that I am eating and I enjoy it so much more.

Also, being a part of a group that has so much energy and knowledge is amazing, it helps lift you and pushes you to keep going to where you want to be and EVERYONE understands you.

Lastly I just want to say a big thanks to Dougie for being very supportive of my goal and journey, also to my family and close friends who haven't questioned why I'm doing it. This means so much more than to me than you will know and lastly to my wee Bobby, who has a fit, energetic and healthy mummy.

... My why was for ME and feeling good in myself again and in a dress

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