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Kirsty Duffin

I began with martin on the 1st or October last year after following him on social media, initially it was one of his transformation photos that grabbed my attention but then watching his regular snapchats of various meals, training days and his ‘no nonsense’ approach...  i knew i liked it and could learn a lot from him. So i contacted him and we met to discuss a short and long term plan and i knew once i’d done that,  i was committed to it and knew I was going to have to prove it to him. Anyone who knew me last year would tell you about my ‘party’ lifestyle and it’s no secret i was fond of a bottle or two of prosecco!  Which is exactly what my before photos show, a lifestyle fuelled by alcohol and takeaways. Training has never been an issue for me, i enjoy it but until Martin taught me properly nutrition and how to track macros, i was never going to see the benefits of it!  These photos are 6 months apart, starting with some building some sort of physique then the last 12 have been a cut, 4 days a week and continually, consistent with nutrition and macros. Has it been easy?  No it’s not and my social life has taken a massive dent but this was something i had to do for myself and unfortunately, sometimes people don’t understand YOUR goal but thats exactly what it is!  Life gets in the way sometimes and you still need to enjoy yourself.  If I’ve had a night out coming up, i gave Martin plenty of notice and we’ve amended the plan to incorporate it but i’m a different person to who i was.  I’ve not been perfect during all of it, i’ve had good and bad days but as long as i had more good than bad, then i knew i was moving forward...  Now it’s just routine. I could write all day about how good Martin is and how knowledgeable he is but i wouldn’t be saying anything you shouldn’t already know!  If he can change a prosecco drinking divas mindset then he could so wonders for anyone #teamtank

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