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Heather Turner

I actually first met Martin because he needed my help which is ironic considering how much he is helping me achieve my goal at the moment. He shattered the preconception I had that all PT’s were money grabbing bullies and he is truly motivated by helping others to achieve their goals. He is realistic about what can be achieved and won’t set unachievable targets that you will never be able to reach. At the same time he is no pushover and he works you hard…..very hard but he is only making you work to your maximum potential and as long as you are putting in 100% then so is he. TeamTank are like a big happy family all there to help and encourage each other to achieve our goals and that is all thanks to Martin and his dedication to everyone. He tailors your programme specific to you because we are not all the same and we are all at very different parts of our journey and he gets that. I would not be where I am today in my journey if it was not for the support of Martin and Team Tank and I am so excited to see what the future holds because the results speak for themselves as to how good Martin is at his job and I would recommend him to anyone. 

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