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Gillian Kerr

I first met Martin 8 years ago when I was fat and he had hair. Although I lost most of my weight through W.w it’s thanks to Martin I’ve kept it off and am looking and feeling the best I ever have. I think he is the most honest person I know , even if you sometimes don’t like what he says, he is a great trainer . He gives me so much encouragement motivation and confidence. He breaks down the exercises and shows you exactly how to do them properly and in the gym even if he’s busy he will come over and correct you. He is so passionate about what he does trying to get people to be their best self , it makes me want to work hard to make him proud. If you really want to achieve a goal and are will to put in the effort I would highly recommend you ask Martin to help. I can’t sing his praises enough, he’s the best.

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