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Gail Mcclung

I reached out to Martin at TeamTank in March 2023 after seeing several successful client transformations on his Facebook Page and knowing a bit about him through friends I knew he would be right coach to help me with his straight talking no bull attitude and hoped he would agree to take me on as a client.

At the time I reached out I was at my lowest time in life in all aspects - mentally, physically and health wise due to a very hard 2022/23, I was very overweight and unhealthy and the biggest size I had ever been.

In February 2022 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which turned into a whirlwind and hardest time of my life with 8 months of gruelling treatment starting with surgery, 3 months of chemotherapy, 2 weeks radiotherapy and 6 months hormone therapy - my body took a battering with the various medication, drugs, steroids etc and the overeating I piled on the weight, not to mention how this made me feel mentally and losing 50% of my hair - I was very low, unhappy and had lost my spark in life. At the time I reached out to Martin for help I was due to see my Oncologist 2 weeks later hoping for a final all clear after my treatment had finished - to be told the cancer was gone was just an amazing feeling and I knew then 100% I wanted to get fit, healthy and be the best version of myself again not only for myself and to reduce any reoccurrence of cancer happening but to also be a great role model to my two girls.

I committed to Martin I was 'All In' and 100% prepared to give it my all with his guidance, coaching and advice...... 14 months later I can genuinely say (and results shows) I have! Having currently lost over 5 stone and so much in inches is mind-blowing, this has not been a quick journey and I knew it wasn't going to be but I was prepared to stick at it however long it took me, I have achieved so much in this time with TeamTank from running (to date) 28 5k Park Runs, Great Scottish Run 10k, participating with the family at Go Ape (when scared heights) to the weekly TeamTank Boxing sessions I now attend, as having these goals and challenges to work towards has kept me focused and determined.
I am also on a high to having just completed my biggest goal for 2024 just last week completing the West Highland Way, walking 96+ miles over 7 days with my best friend - something I am very proud of!
It hasn't been an easy journey, you do have to put the effort in and work hard - only you can change yourself through the good advice and coaching, I still had and still do have my days or nights out with friends etc and enjoy myself it's how I choose to manage the situation and get straight back to plan again - life is for living but you need to also be accountable if you have a goal to reach and sometimes saying no thanks is okay.

Being part of TeamTank is a privilege as the support and encouragement from fellow TeamTankers is just amazing. My journey is not over yet as I still have more goals to achieve and continue to work hard to being my best version through good nutrition, exercise and a good healthy lifestyle. Although I feel great and my fitness levels are strong it's how I feel mentally is the biggest change - I am happy, I love myself and my body again and have my spark back in life.

I want to take the time to thank Martin (and all TeamTankers) for all the support, advice, encouragement and just helping me get to where I am now through a tough time in my life, you will never know how much I appreciate it. Martin's knowledge on health and fitness is incredible and second to none! As I said, my journey isn't over so looking forward to see what the rest of 2024 brings........

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