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Fiona Murdoch

Before my TeamTank journey, I really was a shell of a person with no confidence, no belief in myself and no motivation. I reached out to Martin after one of his Facebook posts sparked something.
I would 100% recommend TeamTank, you become part of a family all striving to be the best version of themselves.

The start of my journey was hard, it was a big change and took time to find my stride but Martin and the team were there to answer any questions, give advice and offer accountability which was what I needed.

Sophie White was an amazing inspiration for me, knowing Sophie from my John Lewis day's her transformation was incredible. Her knowledge, encouragement and support throughout my journey seen me through my harder days.

I have not only changed physically for the better but mentally I am in an amazing place, more focused, confident and learning a lot about myself. We all became each other’s cheerleaders in TT it’s an amazing feeling knowing that people are genuinely interested in you journey and there to cheer you on at every goal smashed 💪


Thank you to everyone who made my journey one to remember! ❤

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