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Clare Barr

13 weeks ago I’d never have predicted I’d feel how I feel now...accomplished, educated and enlightened!

I’d debated about approaching Martin for a while after seeing transformations on his social media pages. Then one of my best friends Sophie began her journey and I watched her progress and I thought why can’t I do the same? After sitting on the fence for what felt like forever, I decided to go for it and I’ve never looked back. And so it began!

I’d always been an extremely motivated individual when it came to fitness. Anyone who knows me knows my love for running and I’d covered anything from 5k to marathon. I used to run several times a week and do countless fitness classes on top of my running but I could never seem to achieve the body goals I visioned. When I look back there’s no doubt I was overtraining sometimes 14 sessions within a week with little or no recovery! Alongside that my nutrition certainly didn’t support the training I was doing at the time.

I then fell pregnant with my little boy and at around 6 months postpartum Martin took me on as a client. We discussed training, recovery, nutrition and lifestyle changes all which were realistic and achievable for me especially with being a new mum. At first I was scared at the thought of scaling back exercise and my thoughts were how could I achieve results without intense training. However, 13 weeks down the line opting to train 4-5 sessions a week I’m the most lean I’ve ever been including pre baby. My body is fuelled, looks visibly different and I’ve learnt so much about nutrition that I will carry for life. For me it’s not just about the physical changes I’ve made but small things that impact everyday life. I no longer have that guilty feeling when I eat something nor do I train to “burn off” certain foods.

I’ve managed to achieve my goals all whilst juggling being a new mum and whilst breastfeeding. For that I’m really proud. I want my son to see me as a role model when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and hopefully inspire other new mums who maybe feel how I felt. You can absolutely do it!

My outlook on fitness and nutrition has changed so much and I can’t wait to make even more progress and chase my next goals!

The TeamTank support group has undoubtedly been a massive drive. Sharing the same mindset with like minded people certainly makes pushing for goals so much easier and I couldn’t have done it without them. The support is literally endless with everyday positivity, accountability and relatable experiences. Sophie has also supported me so much from helping create our weight sessions, boxing and pushing me through our freezing garage gym workouts. We did it Soph! And not forgetting my husband Scott who has supported me with everything from making sure my training sessions fit around our family life to adapting and joining me with his own TeamTank journey.

And last but not least Martin. I can’t thank you enough for taking me on and teaching me everything you have to date. The constant support 24/7, check-ins, questions, emails, client hot seat, Q&A’s and the belief you had in me to get me where I am. You’ve changed my mindset and pushed me out my comfort zone massively. I’m forever grateful to you for the complete overhaul in my fitness and everyday lifestyle. I look forward to continuing my journey by “ticking all the boxes” (if you know you know) 😊

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