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Claire Murray

It’s a funny thing women and weight issues!  I had struggled with my weight my whole life.  I struggled to accept myself and struggled to see my own potential like a lot of women.  I had literally no idea about balanced eating and the best way to go about it.  You could have sold me any of these outrageous and ridiculous diets and i would have tried it.  None of them worked.  Then i met Maritn.  The great thing about Martin is he is an enabler and a great coach.  He teaches you that you have to eat within your means and that does not mean that you are on a diet.  If you want to lose weight, it is calories in vs calories out.  He taught me to understand food groups and to make educated decisions as well as live my life.  Through our time together, i have been on holidays and also had meals out.  I have never felt like i have missed out.  I have gone from 93kg to 63kg in our time together  through his coaching and i myself have been so inspired by him that i followed the same path into the fitness industry.  You see, there are so many coaches out there.  There’s not many who genuinely care and put their life and soul into it like.  These types of coaches are like gold dust.  I owe him more then i could ever repay him and for that, i am eternally grateful.  When i look back at where we started and where we are today, i still now genuinely can’t believe the change in myself mentally and physically.  He is there for support but also there if you need a reality check because it’s not easy and he fully prepares you for what lies ahead, no matter what your goal is.  My goals have changed a lot and he has always worked with me and made sure that i over achieved what i wanted to do.  I would absolutely, with a shadow of a doubt recommend him in a heartbeat.  The true traits of a good coach, i fell, are that they educate you to be able to function on your own, they are there for support but most of all, they believe in you.  Thank you martin!!

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