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Claire Dobbie

"Being really unhappy with how I looked and lacking confidence I’d considered reaching out to Martin and joining TeamTank for a while but always had that doubt, I wasn’t sure if I could actually fully commit to it. Never being competitive or consistent in any fitness goals before I was always reluctant but I think like most people, 2020 lockdown made me re-evaluate so much about myself and lifestyle in general, things I wanted to change and what is important, and for me that was looking after my physical and mental health.
When I first joined it took a while to break old habits and create new ones, learning discipline and making this a priority to achieve my goal of feeling healthy and body confident. It took some getting used to weighing and preparing all my meals but it eventually became routine. The 2-hour walks in the snow also took some willpower until the gyms opened! This is where I really valued being part of the team, meeting up with some of them and joining TeamTank boxing to keep each other accountable and motivated, I couldn’t have done this without their support, they’ve been amazing! They encouraged me to sign up for Tough Mudder; something I never thought I could do; I’m gutted it was cancelled the night before but I’m so proud that I put in all the training and felt the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.
If you’re reading this and considering joining TeamTank, from my experience my advice would be that you have to be willing to accept your lifestyle priorities need to change for you to succeed, find the balance of self-care and rewards but also be able to call yourself out on excuses and avoidance. When I got to this stage and started seeing results, it was the biggest motivation to reach my goal. I’ve learned so much about the process and myself throughout this that going forward it will be a choice of making better decisions and not lack of awareness or knowledge of fitness and nutrition"

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