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Chris Yuen

Been tough working towards goals....The second of two guys I have been working with to do this is Martin Green TeamTank - Health & Fitness I’ve known Martin as a gym instructor since he started in the gym about 11-12 years ago. I didn’t really have a lot of personal dealings with him until I started bootcamp classes taken by him and really enjoyed them and his ways of training. He got me started into boxing training shortly after. Until this point I’d never been personally coached by him or thought about asking him.
During lockdown I liked his devotion and loyalty to his clients and determination to help people reach goals, shown through a free boxing training program he did for his clients.
Martin has fully managed my training and nutrition program for the past 18 weeks. A lot of the work was done during lockdown which was not a barrier. He is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. Nothing seems to stop his work rate, nothing seems too much for him, he keeps going which is why we call him the tank.
I’m happy with the bit of progress so far in a tough year but still a LOT of tough work to do to get anywhere near the build, physique and explosiveness similar to Brock lesnar🤣🤣
Thankyou Martin 🙏
Thankyou team tank🙏
Thankyou Zander King 🙏

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