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Chris Scott

Having not been happy with my physique for the last few years …. And being in my mid 30’s slowly but surely the “dad bod” was manifesting itself into my life .

I hated how I was looking , how tight my clothes were and the harsh reality was I still trained … mostly running …

I hated this because I felt like nothing was working …. Crash dieting …. More running …

The reality was my bmi was in the green ! But I had this “skinny fat” look going on that just sapped the confidence right out of me .

Having known Martin for a long time and after singing at his wedding , I finally got the bottle to ask for help …. And ended up signing up to TeamTank .

Prior to this I weighed myself and was 83kg! The heaviest I have ever been … and I even crash dieted for a few weeks before I started with Martin as I was embarrassed and wanted to try and start his program in a better shape, as I knew I’d be taking pictures of before and after .

I’m not going to lie the process is hard ! Like very hard . You have to throw your whole self into it and go all in . I found there were days I was like I don’t want to go to the gym or go out and get my steps in….. or I fancy a takeaway .

But after seeing my waistline measurements drop and my weight coming down it spurred me on to continue and it becomes easier ! As you make it part of your routine and part of your new normal life .

I’m not sure what I expected starting the program but I didn’t expect the process to be as simple as it was to achieve the goal I wanted.

Making training and nutrition part of my routine has completely changed my life . I’m fitter and stronger as a result but also I feel better in my clothes and feel more comfortable being me .

I’m the guy who has two jobs and two kids .
I work a minimum of 70 hours a week and have to juggle work, kids and my free time .
I still managed this . It just requires dedication and consistency ! I didn’t think starting out I would be able to have the time to dedicate myself each week consistently but it’s amazing where you can squeeze in a training session before work , after work , lunch break etc .

So now having changed my body composition I’m now looking to continue and build slightly more muscle . As this is just the start of my journey and I want to continue and progress as much as I can.

Thank you Martin for your help and your support when I needed it .

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