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Cher Dobbie

Before I met Martin, I knew nothing about the gym. I originally joined just to pass the time when my son was in doing a class. I had my induction with Martin and he told me he would have me using the free weights and I just thought there was no way I could do that because I was so petite and girly. Martin made me up a program, showed me how to use all the machines and weights, showed me correct form when using them and how to get the best from them. I did my program for 2 days a week for 1 year and was eating a fairly restricted, boring diet as I assumed I should be eating healthy to get results. Martin then put up a gym challenge which I took on with a little encouragement from Martin because I, again, didn't think it was for someone like me. I followed his program to the very dot. He also taught me how to count macros which was perfect for me as it didn't restrict my diet and I could also have treats. From the minute I started counting macros that was when the magic happened and my body completely changed. I also struggled with severe anxiety and low self esteem before going to the gym, but going to the gym regularly gave me so much confidence. Martin has changed so many lives including mine, I am always singing his praises. He really knows his stuff and the proof is there in all the before and after pictures and the girls that have won competitions.

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