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Cal Anderson

I can honestly say working with Martin, has genuinely been the best thing I have ever done. Period. When I first met Martin, I was in SUCH a bad place, absolutely no confidence - and anxious beyond belief. Martin, truly has been the mentor I have needed. He has been there for me when I have had some proper down days - and has went through me before for not doing good enough. Which looking back - I can truly say thank you.
The fact he truly believes in you & will push you (hard) to what he knows you can do, is incredible. I’ve truly never met a guy like him, who wants you to achieve more than what you think you can.
In working with Martin, I have gained a lot more confidence in myself - I still have a journey to go with it. But, I never thought I would be where I am now. To be able to just chat to people freely without feeling self conscious or not good enough - has been life changing.
I simply cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me, Martin. Honestly. Meeting & working with you has been my “life changing travels” & the best decision I have ever made.
So again, thank you Martin 🙏 onwards and upwards & let’s see what we can achieve together 💪’

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