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Angela Livingstone

If you’re looking for someone to teach you how to change your lifestyle for the better, then Martin’s your man.  I’ve worked with martin for a few years and, he’s coached me and helped me achieve several goals.  My initial goal was weight loss and to get in the best shape that i could.  I then decided i wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition.  Martin coached me through all my gaining phase and then prepped me for my competition.  He also coached me to get in shape for my wedding.  All of these goals required me to have very different physiques.  With martin, a big part of his coaching technique is education, he doesn’t just dish out meal plans and training programmes, he takes time out to teach you nutrition so that you can enjoy the foods you like and still reach your goals.  He makes himself available to you to answer any questions that you may have and to show you what you need to do regarding training.  I’m now confident in a gym regarding using the equipment and training with good technique and i now understand nutrition, which is something that used to frustrate me in the past.  Martin has genuinely changed my life and passed on a huge amount of knowledge which is something that’s very hard to come by.

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