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Andrew Smellie

Before i joined TeamTank I lacked confidence and was severely over weight aimlessly attending the gym and getting no where. I had previous personal trainers stuck at if for a year again never seen any result or progress.

Then i reached out and got in contact with Martin. We discussed my goals my timeline and my nutrition and from there, Martin set me up with my stat sheet and programme and that is when we really went to work.

I followed my exercise programme and the result were unbelievable i had so much more energy the weight loss was amazing and i felt so much more educated i knew what a calorie was and the importance of calories in vs calories out and how important it is to have the adequate amounts of protein it has so many health benefits other than repair your muscles.

I strongly believe what Martin has taught me and what I have learned it will stick with me for the rest of my life and i have the confidence that i can continue with this journey with the tank and my fellow team tankers thanks again guys your support has been amazing throughout this whole process each and everyone of use are smashing it

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