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Amy Andrew

14 weeks ago... I found myself in what only could be described as a “rut”. Post covid lockdowns, postponing weddings, I was looking rather fluffy round the edges and NOT a version of myself both physically and mentally I wished to be walking down the aisle, in only a matter of weeks.

I could see people round about me making progress, looking amazing, and here I was before the biggest day of my life hating what I seen in the mirror and how I felt in myself. I was embarrassed of not only what I seen in the mirror but how unmotivated I was to do something about it, why could I not sort myself out, why have I let it get to this... I knew I had to take action, because I couldn’t possibly get married feeling the way I did.

I knew it was going to be hard, if you didn’t have to work for it then everyone would be walking around looking fab. If Martin had told me to eat nothing but broccoli and run for 10hrs a day, I probably would have been willing to do it, I was desperate to feel better. However, I was pleasantly surprised at what had been asked of me... surely, I can’t just do that and I’ll see results, there needs to be more to this. In disbelief that I’d actually get anywhere, Martin asked two things of me, tick the boxes and be patient. So that’s what I done….

Fast forward 14 weeks, mentally I’m in a much better place, and that’s something I feel is really important to take away from this. Yes, I’ve lost weight, yes, I’m fitter and a different person physically when looking in the mirror, but the improvement on my mental health is what really matters. I feel good in myself.

Big thanks to Martin and everyone in the group, keeping me motivated and accountable. Poor Dean who has come late night walks, took measurements and kept me going. Also, a big thank you to Mark - man of steel personal training for putting me through some hard graft Thai boxing sessions, even on the days I really didn’t feel like training. It’s been a team effort and a successful effort at that.

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