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Allison Dickman

Working with Martin for the past year been completely transforming in many ways.  Firstly, I am well on my way to the body transformation that I set out to achieve. It’s a work in progress, but I am so much closer to where I want to be than I thought was possible a year ago.  Secondly, I have regained so much confidence and I am more like the outgoing person I was when I was younger.  Being part of Team Tank has been such an important part of my journey. The support and advice from everyone has kept me on track anytime I have experienced any wobbles or stumbles in my journey.  Team Tank members and hard work have obviously been very important to the journey but undoubtedly the most important part has been Martin’s support throughout the process. His knowledge and experience in the industry is exceptional and he is always passing his knowledge on to us, meaning the process has also been educational. This has really suited me because I love to understand the ‘Why’ behind everything.  For me, what really makes Martin stand out, over and above others in the industry is his caring nature and his ability to understand each of his clients, empathise with them and treat each person as an individual. He knows that not everyone works in the same way and takes the time to invest in each person so he can tailor programmes and advice to each individual. This, along with his knowledge and passion are what make him so good at what he does and enables people to achieve their potential.

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