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Allan Bell

Just about a year after the first lockdown I saw a post from Martin about going ‘all in’ with TeamTank and it sparked a complete physical and mental change in my attitude that I very much needed⁣

It took a couple of days to muster up the courage to message and go ‘all in’, the rest is history as they say⁣

Now, we’ve hit every target set, I’m at my leanest since high school and back in love with an old sport⁣

Sure I’ve had my nights out, my weekend trips away over the last two years but I’ve always been able to get switched back on and push on forward⁣

I couldn’t have done all this without Martin and TeamTank, he’s helped push me with his years of experience and brutal honesty to levels I didn’t know were still possible to do literally ‘whatever it takes’ ⁣

I’m looking forward to the future where I’ll be looking to build slightly more muscle and continue to smash my goals!

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