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Ashley Paterson

‘My “transformation Tuesday”! Never in a million years thought I would do something like this because I actually hate getting my photo taken (believe it or not) but I’ve been working so hard over the last year and finally built up the confidence to do it thanks to Martin and TeamTank! I began regularly going to the gym around 7 years ago, although my diet and training was sporadic and I could never remain consistent throughout the year. My biggest downfall was not understanding or knowing what fuel my body required to achieve my goals and I just kept going round in circles, never really improving. Everything changed when I decided to join TeamTank group and begin coaching with Martin. Martin has given me the knowledge and endless support to gain a healthy relationship with food, showing me I don’t have to avoid the things I love in order to achieve my dream body. Also, Martin and the TeamTank family have pushed and supported me with training and getting through the difficult times during the process. I have improved massively mentally and physically over the last year, thanks to Martin and have learned that it is a lifestyle, one which I’ve fallen in love with, not just a ‘10 week cut’. Can’t thank you enough, Martin!’

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